9 questions from my past 4-5 interviews.

Overview by rokanten

Role: interviewee

  1. How do you evaluate the work of your employees?

  2. How do you deal with overtimes?

  3. How do you support juniors? Interns?

    Based on this you can measure “empathy” of the environment and how mentoring and knowledge sharing are organised.

  4. What do you enjoy most working here?

  5. What was the biggest accomplishment of your team/department yet?

  6. How do you enforce/achieve the quality of code/work?

  7. Where did you work before?

    Always good to know from what environment your potential colleagues are coming from.

  8. Are your developers using the best equipment available?

  9. Is it possible to "work from a plane"? (no internet)

    This one is coming from my manager as a extension of “The Joel Test 12 Steps to Better Code”