8 Questions, to fit candidate into the team

The aim of these questions is to build a happy team. My belief is - if the team is happy, it's more productive.

Role: interviewer

  1. Describe your vision of the role you applied to.

    very often candidate and company think differently about the role, so need sync up such detail;

  2. Deal breakers, or what situation/environment will immediately trigger a red flag in your head.

    important information, because maybe env./team/etc. is wrong for the candidate, and could lead to future problems for you and candidate.

  3. Evaluate yourself in {technology/language/etc.} in scale of 0-10

    first ask self assigned mark, and then double check what this mean for candidate.

  4. Cultural fit - this kinda not question, more action, before making decision need introduce candidate to team.

    doesn’t matter how good a candidate is, but if he/she can’t work within a specific team - it will be a disaster

  5. What makes you happy?

  6. What is your perfect day at work - what you would like to do, or not...

  7. What was your biggest failure?

    fails are more important that success, they could show how quick candidate learn, or if candidate do not do anything about their fails.

  8. Have you had conflicts with your colleagues, and how you solved them?