7 questions to ask during a job interview

“So, do you have any questions for me?” Its the question asked at the end of almost every job interview. However, many still struggle with this part of the interview. Its common knowledge that not asking any questions can come across as a lack of interest in the position, but knowing which questions to ask isnt always easy. The end stage of a job interview shouldnt be faced with dread. This is your opportunity to shine and potentially straighten out any doubts the interviewer may have about you. Here are seven example questions to ask the interviewer

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Role: interviewee

  1. Why do you like working here?

    Of course, this question is only appropriate if you are being interviewed by someone you will be working with, but it can be a great chance to connect personally with the interviewer.

  2. How would you describe the companys culture?

    Asking about the company emphasises your interest in working there and shows you are sociable.

  3. What do you think distinguishes this company from its competitors?

    Showing an interest in the competition shows you are interested in the industry as a whole.

  4. What are the three most important skills youre looking for in an ideal candidate?

    The answer to this question can give you some insight into whether youve shown those skills during the interview, while also giving you a chance to point out you have those skills.

  5. Who previously held this position? Where are they now?

    Unless you know that the position you are applying for is brand new, this is a good question to find out more about what your potential future at the company may hold.

  6. Do you have any concerns about me or my qualifications in respect to this position?

    While this is a rather bold move, asking whether the interviewer has any concerns about you may give you a chance to put some things straight and clear up any confusion about your skills or experience.

  7. What comes next at this stage?

    Finding out what comes next can help you prepare for the next step – whether its knowing there will be another round of interviews or that you will have to wait at least a week before you get feedback. Dont be afraid to have your questions written down and get them out during the interview. It shows you came prepared!