Some questions I like to ask interviewers

Some general questions to see how processes work on the company

Overview by santiago_sumo

Role: interviewee

  1. What's the process to get a book that I need to keep learning?

    It’s really important that this process is a simple one, it shows how much the company cares about you as a developer and wants to invest in you, getting a $50/100 book shouldn’t be too complicated

  2. What's your working hour policy?

    It might not be important for everyone but having flexible hours sounds like a must, even if you like working 9 to 5 it’s always nice to see if company understands that not everyone might be an early morning guy.

  3. What's the process from finishing a feature/bugfix to shipping to production?

    This is a question to see if company has the mindset of continuous deployment, automated tests saving the team to have the “Don’t deploy on fridays” mindset

  4. What's the process from creating a new repo to shipping to production?

    This is a question to see WHO is responsible for continuous deployment, is it the developer, is it a Devops team setting the pipelines?